by Allie Moffett

Concrete withstands the test of time and trends.

As Ben Driskell, owner of Flatmade Concrete shared, “Concrete is the most commonly used material out there; it won’t go out of style because it will always be in use around us.”

The Flatmade team works hard to ensure that each client is met with top-tier service, working as if the project will remain in their home forever. “The project really may be in their home forever,” Driskell added, “some of these pieces are so heavy they’re completed on site!”

Each Flatmade Concrete project is unique to the next. The client, as well as the medium, guide the finished product. It’s equally as exciting for the Flatmade team to see a project reveal as it is for the client, since concrete is never 100% predictable until in its final form. Clients can be as involved in the process as they like; in fact, Driskell prefers strong client involvement in the design and inspiration phases. According to him, “imagination is the limit.”

Some of Driskell’s favorite projects to date include stamped overlays, a concrete dining table, outdoor concrete chairs and a concrete railing supported by steel reinforcement, which can be found in his own home.

The team has recently seen clients leaning towards a rough, unfinished patina, especially in modern homes. On these projects, wood form marks and air pocket spots are left to add character to the piece.

Driskell recommends revolving a room’s design around the concrete piece, as it is a focal point and work of art. It’s also rather hard to maneuver concrete pieces around an already styled room, as one could assume.

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