by Shari Held

Flatmade Concrete Co. not only works with homeowners to make improvements on their existing homes, they also work with home builders, taking care of the full concrete package for new home construction. “

We try to make the builder’s job easier,” says Ben Driskell, owner and operator of Flatmade Concrete.


1.Flatmade Concrete works off your blueprints, but if they see details that can be tweaked to improve the process or the product, they’ll let you know. Examples include plans that don’t work well with the elevation of the property, the position of the home on the lot, or colors or textures that aren’t best for the home. “We’re good at spotting potential issues and fixing them in the field,” Driskell says.

2. Flatmade Concrete brings a high level of professionalism. It takes its reputation and everything that represents the company seriously – from the vehicles employees drive, to their attire, and their attitudes and language on the jobsite. “Builders want to ensure their clients have positive interactions with everyone who is working on their home,” Driskell says.

3. Flatmade Concrete keeps the worksite clean and safe throughout the entire process. “A tidy worksite has always been important to client satisfaction, and with norms and health practices being turned upside down by Covid, a clean worksite is more crucial than ever,” Driskell says. “There are a number of best practices we engage in to keep our job sites safe and healthy.”

4. Flatmade Concrete shows up at the jobsite on time and finishes the project on time. “We determine the overall goal of the project, get the right people involved, and coordinate and communicate to get the job done on time,” Driskell says.

For high-quality decorative concrete work, connect with Flatmade Concrete by phone at 317-446-5549, or e-mail at You can also visit them online at to learn more about their services.