by Allie Moffett

Another order you made has been delayed. Sigh. Several years of supply chain issues have made delays an expected, though dreaded, obstacle. As the desire to take on home projects has risen, the delay in inventory and lead times has continued to frustrate contractors and homeowners alike. Luckily for central Indiana builders and residents, there is one team you can rely on to get the job done on time: Flatmate Concrete.

How can the Flatmade team ensure timely and high-quality materials? Through the company’s multi-generational relationship with Smyrna Ready Mix (SRM). Ben Driskell, owner of Flatmade Concrete, shared that his grandfather, the founder of Flatmade (formerly Reynolds Concrete) began working with SRM at the inception of his company in 1985. Despite rising material prices, Driskell and the Flatmade team continue their work with SRM because they are guaranteed quality and timeliness due to this long-standing partnership.

Along with a reliable partnership, the Flatmade team takes extra precautions to ensure timely project completion. This includes staying on top of scheduling orders and ensuring the team is not overbooked. The flexibility that this allows helps Flatmade make certain that even if there are minor setbacks, your project will be completed on time. Driskell also takes pride in his long-standing team member’s loyalty to the company.

“We have a really strong team, made up of professionals who have been here for years, so we expect consistent or even better quality on each of our projects,” said Driskell.

The Flatmade team has strong relationships with many local suppliers and has become the go-to company for a number of custom home builders.

“Ben is personally invested in every aspect of each concrete project I’ve worked with him on. Once I meet him at a job site and go over all our parameters and goals for the project, I have every confidence that he will get it done,” says Scott Bontrager, owner of Bontrager Homes. “Scheduling exactly when concrete will be poured is a difficult thing to do because of fluid factors such as weather and availability of concrete trucks. Ben keeps me posted as he understands what information I need from him so that I can continue to schedule other building aspects going on all around the concrete portion of a particular construction project.”

Driskell shared that he hopes to expand the Flatmade team as time goes on, but emphasizes that it will not be forced growth, as he feels that it often leads to decline in quality.

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