by Allie Moffett

When it comes to building a custom home, communication between all vendors from the project’s inception is key. You’ve missed the mark if you’ve brought landscape and hardscape teams into the mix in the final hours. Ben Driskell of Flatmade Concrete Co. and Brad Whicker of Whicker Construction recognize the value a collaborative partnership brings to all of their projects.

When Ben and the Flatmade team were brought onto this Brownsburg project a year ago, the homeowner presented the team with landscape drawings portraying a very unique style. The team recognized the role symmetry played in the project, making it important to ensure all concrete squares were the same size. This took a heightened level of foresight and planning – a welcome challenge for the Flatmade team.

When faced with a complex project, the Whicker Construction team knows they can trust Flatmade to rise to the occasion. “Pouring concrete has its challenges, there really aren’t second chances. My level of comfort working with Ben and the Flatmade team is at the highest level, he’s definitely one of our preferred vendors,” said Whicker. “There are always challenges on the job; it’s not a matter of if it will happen but when it will happen. It’s all about how you address those challenges, and the Flatmade crew always takes it in stride.”

Driskell believes teamwork tackles those hurdles. “I feel like Flatmade and Whicker Construction are on a team. When we’re working through those challenges, we communicate to ensure we are working towards the same goal.”

Whicker can attest to that. “This project has quite a bit of concrete, with a long driveway, extended areas to the barn and house, and a pool surround,” says Whicker. “Ben worked closely with the homeowner and me to figure out the configuration, make sure our paths made sense, and ensure we had proper drainage. This was a very collaborative effort, and Ben was the ideal person to manage that process and deliver what the homeowner wanted.”

What sets the Flatmade team apart is their focus on long-term relationships, not one-off projects. “When we’re preparing to do work for a custom home builder, we’re looking to build a relationship,” Driskell shared. “We always hope they will be repeat clients for us. We want to earn their trust, and we also want to trust them. Through the years of working with these builders, having direct one-onone conversations and meeting expectations is very important. We like to stick with them forever if we can!” Choose the team player.