by Allie Moffett

Your home should reflect your style from head to toe. Or, rather, from ceiling to floor. The Flatmade team ensures that the floors you build your life upon are a thing of beauty with brick, stone and wood concrete stamps. “We want to turn the concrete in a home from a functional necessity to a design feature,” said Ben Driskell, owner of Flatmade Concrete.


  • CONSISTENCY CHECK. The team must confirm the concrete is the right consistency and optimal level of dryness before pushing the stamp into the surface.

  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Flatmade’s expertise and attention to detail ensures that every bit of texture in the stamp is clear and cleanly pressed, paying special attention to the deep grooves that are difficult to capture.
  • TOUCH-UP TIME. Once the concrete has firmed up a bit, the team touches up stamp details until it looks its best. Secondary color may be added to the concrete to highlight details and add depth.
  • SEAL OF APPROVAL. Finally, a sealant is added to keep the concrete looking its best.

While adding a stamp to your project is simply a personal design preference, it is also a worthwhile option for functionality. Stamped concrete offers more strength and wear resistance than true wood. The “wow” factor is an added bonus.

“A lot of people don’t even know the option to stamp their interior concrete exists,” Driskell explained. “One interior project we tackled was in my own laundry room, and when we have guests over, they’re always impressed with that design choice. It catches people off guard!”

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